1. Course Goals


The main purpose is to equip PhD-students with knowledge, skills and abilities to carry out research in the field of plant immunity in the connection with pest management.

The course focuses on various subjects such as:


·             plant physiology under the conditions of infestation and abiotic stress;

·             factors of native and modified plant immunity ;

·             methods for plant immunization

·             resistant varieties of dofferent crops.


Special emphasis is laid on the skills that are required to determine possible crop losses and prevent serious damage using plant immunity as one of complex methods in plant  protection.

The course makes students aware of obtaining pest and diseases resistant plants  for various crops under different climate conditions.

The course includes detailed coverage of modern means of plant immunization in connection with new aggressive races of plant pathogens.


2. Course in Academic Program Structure


The course is taught within the Special Scientific Disciplines in  university module. The course is optional.

The course provides for theoretical   grounds to  training  in such disciplines as “Biological means of plant protection”, “Bacterial diseases”, “Toxicology”, “Pest management”.




3. Learning Outcomes


The course is expected to contribute to the following generic  (GC) and professional competences (PC)  development as required by the Russian Higher Educational Standard:


·           mastery of improving and developing intellectual abilities and scientific level (GC-1);

·           ability to study new methods of scientific research in different spheres of professional activity (GC-2);

·           mastery of efficient ways of thinking, abilities to analyze and generalize scientific information, knowledge of how to set objectives and choose ways to achieve them (GC-6);

·           ability to work with modern equipment (GC-7);

·           ability to follow the principles of promoting scientific knowledge (GC-9);

·           ability to analyze modern problems in Agronomy and scientific policy of safety plant production (PC-1);

·           mastery in estimating agrocenosis state and ability to update plant production technology according to different conditions (PC-2);

·           mastery in modeling and updating different means of plant protection and plant production (PC-5);

·           ability to use innovative process in Agro Industrial Complex for safety plant production and improving soil fertility (PC-6);

·           ability to provide economic efficiency of plant production (PC-8);

·           willingness to use modern achievements of world science for research work (PC-9);

·           ability to motivate aims of scientific research, choose methods of research and interpret experimental results (PC-10);

·           mastery of independent scientific research using modern analyzes of soil and plant samples (PC-11);

·           ability to make practical recommendations for using results of scientific research (PC-12);

·           mastery of making final scientific results presentation, such as articles, reports and other publications (PC-13).


On completion of the Course the PhD-student


·             knows  mechanisms  of morphological immunity foundation;


·             knows mechanisms of biochemical plant immunity foundation;


·             knows methods of creating resistant varieties of crops;


·             knows modern means of plant immunisation;


·             can determine biochemical compounds of plant cell, responsible for immunity;


·             can estimate influence of new aggressive species of plant pathogens on plant immunity;


·             can determine possible ways to increase plant immunity to different groups of pathogens;


·             masters basic skills to arrange research on new factors in complex structure of plant immunity system.