Interview with Alumni - Idahosa Stephen

Interview with Idahosa Stephen

Idahosa Stephen, Foreign Service Officer (Diplomat) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  BSc in Political Sciences (2015), MA in International Relations (International Security and Development Cooperation MA Program, 2017), PhD in International Relations and Foreign Affairs (2021).

What do you remember most about the RUDN University?

Its international spirit and unique atmosphere as well as its multi-nationality.

What was your favorite subject when you were a student?

Global Security, Game theory, Development Cooperation, Conflict Analysis, etc.

Who was your favorite professor at the Theory and History of International Relations Department?

Degterev Dennis Andreevich, Savicheva Mikhalovna, Zinurov Rinat.

Did you continue working in your specialty (International Relations)?

Yes, I was an Assistant lecturer at the Department of Theory and History of International Relations and currently work as a Foreign Service Office in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

What is your motto or life principle?

No task too difficult to be handled.

Tell us about the most memorable events of your life at the University.

Helping people to solve their problems and the smiles I see in their faces i.e. my days as a leader in different level ranging from been clase leader, Student Union President, Vice President of Association of African Students (RUDN university), President Nigerian Students in Moscow and in Russian Federation.

Where did you like to eat at the RUDN University?

The canteen on the Second floor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

In your opinion, what is the most beautiful place at the RUDN University?

Front of the Main University Building (Crest) – the fountain.

Could you remember the funniest moment from your university life?

That was when I just came to RUDN, I was at the 13th block when the fire alarm rang in the afternoon, I hurriedly came out without knowing that it was just a test and I was not supposed to come out (laugh).

Being a RUDN University student means...

A unique personality with the experience of internationality, multi-culturality, multi-nationality, tolerance and sound analytical mind.

What are your favorite places in Moscow?

The front view of Main Building (Crest) and Preparatory Department (Podfak), Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities and Avenue Café.

Did your personal life at the University work out?

Certainly, yes. In knowledge, leadership, and many more.

Have you ever let a fellow student cheat on an exam or test?

Certainly, no!

Were you in the RUDN University construction team?


What word would you use to describe your attitude toward the RUDN University and the period of your studies there?

RUDN is indeed a "mini United Nations". My attitude towards RUDN will always be Friendship “Дружба” and what I call “second home - Второй дом” as my study in RUDN was remarkable, resourceful, revealing and intellectually robust.

What advice would you give to young professionals studying in your specialty?

To be more focused, study hard and gain all the analytical skills offered. Remember to be humble, have empathy, reflective and be outcomes-focused.

In your opinion, what professional qualities should a student possess when entering the civil service?

Analytical, data-literate and evidence-driven mind, humility, collaborative, empathy and been a team player, prototyping, risk-taking, flexibility, reflective, outcomes-focused and resilient.