Воспоминания и отзывы выпускников кафедры / Feedback and Memories of the Alumni of the Department

Уважаемые выпускники кафедры теории и истории международных отношений!

На этой страничке будут публиковаться Ваши отзывы, пожелания и воспоминания о годах, проведенных в Университете и на кафедре. Если Вы хотите поделиться своими впечатлениями, пожалуйста, заполните онлайн-форму по ссылке ниже, и спустя некоторое время Ваш отзыв появится здесь.


Онлайн-форма для выпускников кафедры ТИМО (воспоминания, отзывы, пожелания, интересные истории, благодарности)

Dear graduates of the Department of Theory and History of International Relations!

Your feedback, wishes, and memories of the University and the Department will be posted on this page. If you would like to share your impressions, please fill out the online form at the link below, and your review will appear here some time later.

Thank you!

Online form for Alumni of the "Global Security and Development Cooperation" MA Program


Yussuf Billow

Alumni of 2019  ("Global Security and Development Cooperation" MA Program)

Foreign Service Officer- Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya

"I wish to express my gratitude to the Head of the Department Mr. Denis Andreevich Degterev and through him to the entire teaching fraternity for their kind guidance and unwavering support which went along way to ensure i finished the course well. I wish to reiterate that the knowledge I gained was incredible and it's currently helping me to practice my professional career well. I miss my classmates and indeed the memories we had together will never be forgotten!"


Rotich Dorothy

Alumni of 2012 ("Global Security and Development Cooperation" MA Program)

Officer of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, currently serving in the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya, Moscow

"The best learning institution, most talented, passionate lecturers, highly multicultural learning environment. If I was to start all over again, without doubt, I will MOST definitely pick RUDN. RUDN is always my first recommendation to anyone seeking university education. Always will be.

RUDN, IR department, Keep being the best. Keep training leaders for a better tomorrow".


Idahosa Stephen

Alumni of 2017 ("Global Security and Development Cooperation" MA Program)

Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria

"My studies at the "Global Security and Development Cooperation" MA Program was remarkable, resourceful, revealing and intellectually robust. The professors, teachers, exhibits good teaching techniques such as Positive relationship, Cooperative engagement, Active learning actively (Students are actively engaged in their class activities), Constructive feedback (Instructors allocate time to evaluate students), Communicate outcome, Mutual respect, Creating a knowledge consumption environment, Good listener in the classroom. The teachers are responsible educators. Some of the most interesting moments are seminars and discussions (brainstorming). My gratitude to my teachers and classmate without whom I would be in possession of the skill set I have today".


Mohammad Almuallem

Alumni of 2019 ("Global Security and Development Cooperation" MA Program)

Diplomat, Second Secretary of the League of Arab States

"The study at the University of Friendship between Peoples is very important because it accommodates students from all Arab and foreign countries as well as Russian students, whether from the capital or from the Russian regions, and the university has a long history in education and this helped many by entering me to study master's and that helped me to get upgrade in my work diplomat I advise those wishing to study at this university".